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Llangunllo K6 Phone Box Restoration

The Llangunllo and Bleddfa Community Council are looking for volunteers in 2025 to help restore the K6 phone box in the centre of Llangunllo village.

All PPE and paint will be provided for this worthwhile project.

Please Help Restore This Piece of History

The K6 phone box, also known as the Jubilee Kiosk, is an iconic symbol of Britain. Here’s a breakdown of its history:

  • Designed in 1935: Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, a renowned architect, designed the K6 to commemorate the 25th anniversary (Silver Jubilee) of King George V’s coronation.
  • Successor to K2: This design followed Scott’s earlier K2 kiosk, but it was 25% lighter and more affordable for a nationwide rollout.
  • Widespread Use: The K6 became the standard phone box across the UK, replacing older designs and establishing many new phone locations. By the 1940s, the number of public telephones had nearly doubled thanks to the K6.
  • Colour Controversy: While the red colour is now synonymous with British phone boxes, it wasn’t universally loved initially. Some areas requested more muted colours to blend in with the surroundings. Ironically, some of these places have since switched to red.
  • Legacy: Over 60,000 K6 kiosks were installed between 1936 and 1968. While the K7 design eventually succeeded it, the K6 remains a beloved symbol of British design and heritage.

If you would like to be involved in this exciting project you can either call or email the Llangunllo & Bleddfa Community Council Clerk.

Rebecca Twyman: 07855745849 email: