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Reflections On Remembrance In Llangunllo

Remembrance Day Service Llangunllo 2023

The names of our local fallen were remembered with respect and gratitude as we gathered at the Cenotaph in the centre of the village. The colourful wreaths, which were laid by representatives of various churches and organisations, contrasted vividly with the greyness of the day. As ever, the haunting strains of the Last Post drifted across the scene. This year the 2 minutes silence passed without interruption from traffic, and the tolling of St Cynllo’s bell called us up to church to continue with Reflections on Remembrance in Words and Music.

The National Anthems began the proceedings with people valiantly attempting the Welsh with the aid of a phonetic version.

Different aspects of war were considered, including firstly a WW1 poem drawing our attention to the plight of animals who suffered during conflicts, especially horses that were requisitioned from farms and stables to serve at the front in France, never to return.

The poignant ‘Banks of Green Willow’ by George Butterworth, who was killed by a sniper’s bullet at the Battle of the Somme, was followed by an insight into the life and work of Leonard Cheshire V.C. and Lady Cheshire (Sue Ryder) who took the challenging experiences of war as an inspiration for their peacetime work with the Cheshire Homes and palliative care.

We were given a fascinating glimpse into the local Dad’s Army and joined to sing the very fitting words of ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning’, accompanied on the trombone.

Finishing with prayers and the hymn ‘Now Thank we all Our God.’, we went on to our usual social time with a welcome cuppa and tempting food.

Many thanks to all those who helped in any way and made the occasion so enjoyable.
There will be a donation to the Royal British Legion.

Words: Pam Livingstone-Lawn Photos: Michael Brown