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Forthcoming Events:
There’s always something happening in Llangunllo thanks to a thriving community who work hard in making this village a wonderful place to both visit and live. Everyone is made to feel welcome, so please join us at any of the many events taking place.

Christmas Wreath Making in Llangunllo December 12th
Llangunllo Community Christmas Lunch

Light up Llangunllo for Christmas 2023

Regular Activities:
There are also regular activities from table tennis to singing to playing whist. Go on, join in, you’ll love it.

The Greyhound Inn and phonebox Llangunllo

This is a painting of the Greyhound Inn and the telephone box in Llangunllo by Martin. He used to live in the village as a young boy and lived at the Police house where his Dad was the local Bobby in the early 1960s. His father was also a passionate brass bandsman and would be happy to hear the old school is now a place for brass instrument repair. Martin & his sister were both baptised in the church and he still has a real fondness for Llangunllo. You can see more of his artwork on his website.

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Latest History Articles

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Llangunllo: A sense of place

Welcome to the Llangunllo Community Website. On this page, we thought we would try to give you a sense of what it is like to live in the Llangunllo area, both in the village and on the surrounding farms and houses.

The parish of Llangunllo includes the small village of Llangunllo, from which the parish takes its name, and also the many farms and houses in the area. The village itself is quite small with 48 houses, however, the active involvement of the surrounding farming community considerably increases that size. Llangunllo is a close community and pretty much everybody knows who lives in each and every house and farm. More than that, there are plenty of people here who can tell you who lived in each house for some number of generations back. The population is a mixture of those born here and some who have moved to the area and everybody gets along pretty well. There is fairly wide toleration for personal eccentricities.

There is also a strong community spirit, uncommonly so in this day and age, and there are quite a number of local clubs and organizations. Also, the people of the Llangunllo area are quite prepared to band together for the common good – or just for fun. For example, it is not unusual to see a party of volunteers in the churchyard cutting the grass amongst the tombstones or perhaps getting together down the village hall for a games evening or at the pub for a pint of real ale.

One would probably not describe the Llangunllo as a “Chocolate Box” type village. It’s pretty old alright, many houses date from the 1700s, or earlier, but they are not the typical thatched Tudors one sees on postcards. Llangunllo is a working village, the houses are stone, the walls are two feet thick and the roofs are slate. The buildings have been standing for hundreds of years and likely will be for hundreds more. Of course, every era has left its architectural stamp, for example, you can see where the Victorians have been. As with most old places, the buildings of the village are scattered about in random shapes and orientations as people over the years built whatever they needed with whatever they had to hand wherever they felt like doing so.

The countryside around Llangunllo is some of the most beautiful you’ll ever be likely to see. The rolling green hills are partly forested and the remainder is given over to fields in a patchwork quilt of farms and hedges. It is a superb walking country and one path, Glyndwr’s Way, runs right through the centre of the village.

Llangunllo – we think it’s a great place to live.

Llangunllo Through The Seasons
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Erich Kadow drawing of the Llangunllo Tractor Run. 2022
Erich Kadow drawing of the Llangunllo Tractor Run. 2022

Where to find Llangunllo

Waze Map showing road works and pot holes etc

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