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Llangunllo WI and Community Brightened Up Our Village

Llangunllo WI & Community Garden Project

The idea to give Llangunllo village a flowery facelift came from WI members, so we set about looking for funding. Our project idea was to improve the environment and biodiversity in the centre of the village, creating and maintaining areas for the long-term benefit of the community and visitors. What better way to bring the community together post Covid with a garden project. Together we identified areas that needed enhancing, deciding on the area around the bus shelter and cenotaph, and a riverside area by the bridge. We approached the local community council to find out who owned the land we were interested in. The land came under the community council, and with the chair of the council we did a walk through the areas to show what our plan was. They agreed with our ideas provided we treated the area around the cenotaph sensitively, so we went ahead and applied to the WWF for a grant.
We were delighted to be successful and agreed to keep them updated with photographs, reports on progress and spending. Work began in earnest with the clearing of the river area and the making of planters with lots of help from members of the community.

A ranger from the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust helped us to survey the area, giving advice on what to leave or clear out, and helped us identify the wildflowers already there. The area had flooded in the past and we were advised on the correct plants including which ones would attract a range of wildlife. In addition bird boxes and bug hotels were placed in the area.

All agreed large planters would be best by the bus shelter with a variety of plants, flowers and herbs for the communities use. New guttering and a water butt at the side of the shelter would provide water for the plants.
The other planters were placed behind the cenotaph as agreed by the council.
Wood, compost, plants, guttering, water butt and flowers were all purchased, and worked on. Near the end of September a concerted effort was made and planting completed.

Let’s get planting

The children and their friends from the village were also involved; they completed a mural to put in the bus shelter after displaying it in the village hall.
We hope that the wildlife can exist in our rural area and positively thrive alongside the people who gave them the right habitat. Our volunteers enjoyed working alongside each other, and we hope it will continue as the project grows throughout the year, and as the photographs show we have really made a difference

Dawn Gill

The Children’s Mural