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More Memories of Llangunllo

More Memories of Llangunllo

Isobel who lives in Pembrokeshire very kindly wrote of her happy memories of her time spent in Llangunllo when her Mother Gill took up the position of housekeeper for Lord & Lady Russell.

I am so pleased to have found this page. It is lovely to see that Llangunllo is thriving.
In 1989 when I was aged 6 I moved to New House, Llanbister Road. My Mum had taken the position of House Keeper for Lord and Lady Hugh Russell at The Bell House. It wasn’t very long before the joys of Llangunllo called.

I remember The Greyhound Inn and dear Bill Matheson. My goodness, what a pub. I have yet to find a pub as good. The fire would be lit on a cold day, so welcoming. The petrol pumps were outside and the locals would pull up and fill up the cars, pop into The Greyhound and write down what they had in a book. Sometimes they would pay straight away. I remember behind the bar there was a wooden block of wood with four hollowed-out dish bits that the money would go in. Mum used to help Bill with the cleaning.. a task that never seemed to get accomplished properly. Famous Grouse would be flowing as would coffees with rum in. I can smell them now.

My time would be spent exploring the village. I loved Llangunllo. Being in Llangunllo was evocative of what I can imagine living life in an Enid Blyton story would be like. I spent time down by the little stream in the community garden, splashing about and walk up the hill to the church and would go to the well-attended service on a Sunday. I used to love the little walkway that went from the back of the church behind the beautiful little cottages.

I can remember the film Second Best being made. I met Mossie Smith in The Greyhound. She was so beautiful and kind.
Now the locals. I can remember Terence Rogers and his wife and their son Malcolm, I seem to remember they lived high up on a farm up above a little hamlet that was like something from series 1 of Postman Pat. I can’t remember the name although I remember a family with the name of Howard lived there. I was in school with their daughter Caris. I can remember the Gayther family of Cwm y Geist. In the village was a lady named Dorothy, she used to pop in and see Bill at The Greyhound most days. There was a man by the name of Bright.. he had a recovery truck I think and lived near Gravel Arch.

Llangunllo was always a happy place. In 1994 we moved to Llandrindod and we still went back to Llangunllo on some Saturdays although not as much. Probably because Mum couldn’t have a good drink. It was easier when having to go along the back lanes. I last went back in 1999 and when Bill was still alive. He was a lovely man with a good sense of humour. He was determined to carry on even after he had been robbed. Gosh.. the post office… I can remember the Post Office closing and it being put into the front room of the pub. The inside of that pub always felt like it was living in a much earlier time. The pool room similar. It is nice to see that the pub remains open and that the village is still thriving. I feel a visit happening soon. I live in Pembrokeshire now. Thanks so much to you all. Hope to see you soon.
Isobel x