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Northern Lights Over Llangunllo

Northern Lights Over Llangunllo

The Northern Lights came to Llangunllo and what a beautiful sight it was. Like the majority of people here, we had never seen the Aurora Borealis phenomenon and until now, unless you had been as north as Iceland, Scandinavia and Finland or perhaps the higher reaches of Scotland then you were never likely to see them. That is until Friday, May 10th.

There had been announcements both on social and mainstream media that due to solar storm activity, there was a high possibility that we would get to see the ‘Northern Lights’ this far south and indeed would most of the U.K. Sure enough, although it was turned midnight, we went outside and with the naked eye could detect something going on above although we couldn’t see any of the colours normally associated with the ‘Northern Lights.’

Pointing the camera skywards and it was spectacular how the reds, purples, greens and blues all appeared on the viewing screen. Having never witnessed this spectacle, it was breathtaking to see it appear above our heads. Not just here, but everywhere we could look and the rest of the country witnessed the same vision. Social media was soon awash with images of this rare occurrence happening all over the world. Well certainly in the northern hemisphere.

The photographs here were all captured over Llangunllo on Friday evening. It was expected to happen again on Saturday, but alas, it was not to be.

Words: Trev Jones Photographs: Debbie Jones