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About The Hall


The Llangunllo Village Hall is owned by the Church of Wales and in 2002 the Community was given a 35-year lease to manage the Hall. It is operated by the Llangunllo Community Hall Management Committee and is a registered charity, number 1124131.

The Hall is central to village life and vital for community cohesion. It provides a local meeting place and is important both to those in the village and those from the outlying rural homes.

Hiring the Hall

The Hall is available for use by community groups and for private hire.


The Llangunllo Village Hall has a fully fitted kitchen, curtained stage, sound system, overhead projector with screen, large conservatory and has disabled access and toilets. The Hall has recently had a new roof and insulation. The maximum number of people to be seated in the Hall for an event is 80 – 100 people.

The hall has 125 chairs with 18 small tables and 7 large tables. In the kitchen, there is a cooker, fridge, microwaves, kettles, Hostess Trolley and instant hot water as well as crockery and cutlery to cater for 80 people

Outside we have a large grass area, a BBQ and a Gazebo. There is also some gaming and activity equipment available to rent such as a vintage Wooden skittles set

Rules of hiring

Please leave the Hall as you find it clean and tidy including all the equipment used. There are brushes and cleaning equipment in the cupboard left of the stage. Do switch off all electrical appliances and heaters. Please do not use any candles apart from on a celebration cake. Please do record your electrical usage on the form in the kitchen – note down the organisation, the electricity before and after usage, number of units and your signature.

  • The Stage
  • Conservatory from outside
  • Outside the Village Hall
  • Looking towards the conservatory
  • The Kitchen
  • Hall Interior
  • Rear of the hall with grass area
  • The Conservatory

Hall Charges

All Day or All Evening Rate at £30

  • Hourly Rate at £5
  • Hire of Tables at £1.50 per table
  • Chairs at 15p per chair
  • BBQ and gas hire £7.50 onsite only
  • Electricity Charge per unit, at present 20p per unit.

Equipment Available for Use

  • Small Tables (18) W-24” x L-48”
  • Large Tables (4 Trestles W-30 3/4” x L -70 1/2” and 3 Foldaway)
  • Chairs (125)
  • Knives, Forks and Spoons for 80 plus some extras
  • Dinner plates (45 white and 53 mixed design)
  • Side plates (72 white and 23 mixed design)
  • Pudding dishes (56 white and 54 plastic)
  • Tea Cups (58)
  • Coffee mugs (12)
  • Glasses (46 tumblers, 10 half-pints, 10 plastic)
  • Serving dishes (11 white and 3 plastic)
  • Glass jugs (7)
  • Serving bowls (2 glass and 1 plastic)
  • Table cloths (6 plastic)
  • Selection of Saucepans

Games and Equipment Available

  • Badminton set with rackets
  • Bingo Set
  • Cricket Bat
  • Dartboard
  • Football Junior Goals x2
  • Pool Tables x2 with cues
  • Rounder Bats
  • Rugby Ball
  • Street hockey net and sticks
  • Table Football
  • Table Tennis x2 with bats
  • Tennis mini and bats
  • Wooden Skittles Set

Contact details for hiring the Village Hall

For Bookings and further information please contact either: Chairman and Booking Secretary – Anna Jones on 01547 550 134 or


If you have any suggestions or comments in regards to the Hall please do let us know as we welcome feedback on how we could improve the facilities in the Hall.