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Deer Llangunllo

Fern The Deer from Orinoco Animal Sanctuary

It’s unusual to see Deer so close here, or anywhere for that matter. They’re usually very timid animals. However, on the road into Llangunllo village on Saturday, 15th June, two came striding up together looking very pleased with themselves. It appears they were male and female and named Forest and Fern respectively. As they got closer, a car appeared and took them by surprise with Forest jumping over the gate into a field belonging to the Great House while Fern stood her ground and waited for the car to pass.

With the Deer now separated, Fern made her way into the village, surprising everyone with how tame she was. It became obvious that these were not wild Deer, but they were certainly used to human interaction, well, Fern certainly was. As can be seen in the photos and video, Fern had a good ‘mooch’ through Llangunllo and would have gone further had she been given the opportunity.

Eventually, she was herded into the field opposite the Great House for her own safety. Thankfully, Fern was reunited with her owners who have recently moved into the Llangunllo Area and run the Orinoco Animal Sanctuary.

Unfortunately, it’s not such good news about Forest who is still missing as of today, 17th, June. Please, if anyone does see him, you can contact Tina. Thank you.

Words: Trev Jones Photos: Debbie Jones, Rebecca Twyman & Vickie Glynn

Here are a few words from Tina who runs the Orinoco Animal Sanctuary:
We were the Brook House Sanctuary for Animals, changed name due to move and my Fell Pony names Orinoco passed away aged 33. We specialise in end of life care, for those animals that have suffered through neglect, cruelty or just people change in circumstances. Every animals stays with us for life and has a funeral/cremation at end of life. We have 250 animals including the Deer, llamas, a variety of pigs, sheep, four cows, horses, ponies, donkey, rabbits, guinea pigs, turkeys, geese, ducks, hens, goats, pigeons. We also Foster if someone is unwell or struggling we take their animals until they can be returned. We work with the vets, RSPCA, animal welfare, to take animals in need. Oh and we have a sheep retirement centre. Hope that helps. Thank you so much for your support. Tina.
The Orinoco Animal Sanctuary Website

Fern in Llangunllo