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Christmas Wreath Making Llangunllo 2023

Prosecco corks popped, mouthwatering mince pies and seasonal music greeted the ladies who had booked a place at the Christmas Wreath-making class at Llangunllo Community Hall on Tuesday, December 12th.

The session was run by the multi-talented florist, Karon Duggan, of Unique Floral Touch & it proved to be very popular, with every space being filled!
An array of variegated foliage, dried grasses & seed pods, berries, citrus fruits, feathers and ribbons adorned the display table, ready for us all to begin.
Karon kicked off the evening by showing everyone how to start their creations & was on hand to offer help & advice. She gave further tuition, as the evening wore on, of how to gradually add to and enhance them with the selected materials provided. They were finished off with a choice of attractive ribbon, to finally produce beautiful, festive wreaths, each one individually crafted, according to the maker’s tastes and design and ready to take home.

Prior to a big tidy up, we all lined up to proudly pose with our works of art.
A huge thank you to Karon for sharing her artistic knowledge and for hosting such a fun & creative evening.

Words: Debbie Jones Photos: Karon Duggan

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