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Llangunllo WI Visit Radnor Hills

Llangunllo W.I. visit Radnor Hills

Our June visit saw members and some partners have a fabulous visit to Radnor Hills where we heard about the company, its commitment to the community and environment, and their products as we set off on our tour of the site.

We all donned protective clothing; very stylish as you can see from the photograph, before we started our tour with our knowledgeable guides Dave and Chris.
Once inside the huge buildings, it was absolutely fascinating seeing how their water products go through the various stages of production, the automated machinery production and packing lines were amazing to watch and the output of these lines is truly amazing.

As we moved around the site we learnt about how the company started; the workforce; product development; where ingredients are sourced; their commitment to sustainability; to zero landfill and to using 100% recyclable plastic. The company is a major supplier of spring and water-based fruit drinks and I am sure at some time you will have had a drink from one of their many lines or bought some of them from major supermarkets or small outlets. They are proud that they use water from boreholes on site and of the quality of the treated water that goes back into the River Teme ensuring it does not harm the wildlife, something that resonates with this year’s National WI resolution regarding improving the quality of water in our rivers.

We all agreed the visit had been really interesting and a great experience and I am sure we will all reflect upon it the next time we take a drink from one of the many water-based products they produce. Our thanks not only go to Dave and Chris, but to Jo and Marion who truly made our visit special, oh and thanks for the goodie bags as well.

After leaving Radnor Hills we had worked up quite an appetite, it must have been all that walking! So we headed off to the Lion at Lentwardine for an early evening meal, which was most enjoyable. We all enjoyed the food, being together and catching up and our male guests kindly thanked members for including them in the trip.

We always welcome visitors to our meetings, if you are interested or would like to find out more about Llangunllo WI, please contact our secretary Isabel Morris on 01547 550689

Words: Anne Newton Additional Photographs: Michael Brown