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Llangunllo Whist News October

Llangunllo Whist Drive

Two whist drives have now taken place in our community hall. The first one, on September 15th, was the first to have been held here for about twenty years and, to the delight of the organisers, a good number of younger ‘learners’ were amongst the players who turned up and a great time was had by all. There was a slight problem at first, because of some poor lighting, but that has since been sorted out by the addition of some strip lighting

On 13th October the second whist drive took place in the hall and everyone had an enjoyable time in spite of the fact that fewer people attended than had been expected, a shame because of abundant hot sausage rolls (thanks to Phil for supplying them) were included with the refreshments served at half-time.
Our thanks go to Reg, from Llanbister, who joined us and undertook to do the calling, and to others who helped in the kitchen and with the final room clear-up. Especially pleasing is the fact that a fair percentage of players came from other villages, their support being a great help to us.
The next whist drive in Llangunllo will be on Thursday, the 10th of November (7.30 p.m.) and on Thursday, the 8th of December, we will hold a special Christmas Whist Drive for which we look forward to a good attendance. Do your best to join us if you can!
Please note that whilst the primary aim of the whist drives here is for the enjoyment of the players, any profits which may arise will go to the Community Village Hall Fund.

Brian Joyce