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Autumn Scenes in Llangunllo

Autumn in Llangunllo

As we head towards a very busy time in Llangunllo, we thought it would be nice to reflect on the area where we are so fortunate to live. A series of photographs of the beautiful scenery in and around Llangunllo. Debbie Jones, who took the photographs has also written a poem about this lovely time of the year.

Copper Terrene

Afternoon; autumn, glowing like dreams,

Basks in the gold of a million seams,

Rousing a blaze burning crimson hot fire,

Lifting a curtain of smouldered desire,

Scatter your secrets from high above land,

Let them blow wildly, as if it were planned,

Caressing a carpet of copper terrene,

As soft as a pillow, where cares lie, unseen.

Music by: Geoff Harvey.