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St Cynllo’s Patronal Feast Day

An evening service (Songs of Praise) to celebrate St Cynllo’s Patronal Feast Day was held at St Cynllo’s Church on Sunday, July 17th. The congregation were welcomed by ‘The Radnor Valley Band’ and an introduction was given by the Rev. Petra Goodband.

The service began with the hymn, ‘The King of Love My Shepherd is‘ and was introduced by Debbie Jones representing the hall and Community Council.

St Cynllo was introduced and read by Isabel Morris, a member of the church committee and was followed by a rendition of ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’ included in a small medley played by Trevor Head and his fellow trombonists.

Keith, from the Gravel Baptist Chapel, introduced the hymn, ‘My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less.

Maureen Joyce read the poem, ‘Be At Peace‘ by Bishop Francis de Sales.

Trevor and Debbie Jones who were representing ‘The Greyhound Inn’ sang and played the guitar, ‘It Don’t Come Easy‘ and ‘Songbird.’

The Hymn ‘Jerusalem‘ was introduced by Llangunllo W.I. member, Shirley Brown.
This was followed by a musical arrangement played by Trevor Head and trombonists.

All Things Bright and Beautiful‘ was introduced by a member of the Llangunllo and Knighton Evergreens.

Following prayers, the hymn ‘Love Divine All Love Excelling‘ was introduced by Maureen Joyce. A final closing prayer and blessing by Rev. Petra Goodband was followed by music played by the Radnor Valley Band. There were plenty of refreshments for everyone to enjoy after the service.
The organ was played by Mr George Baker. Flowers by Kath Poole.

Prior to the service, a young bat fell onto the foot of Shirley Brown and was rescued by David Blake and put into safekeeping.