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Sports Day

Radnorshire Standard Wednesday 22 July, 1903

LLANGUNLLO SPORTS A public tea and sports was held at Llangunllo on Friday, July 10th, 1903, in a field kindly lent by Mr. Vaughan (Great House). The tea was held in a marquee in the sports field, the following ladies presiding at the tables. Mrs. Williams (Cefnsuran), Mrs. Meanly (Troedrhiwdoedvrin), Mrs. Vaughan (Great House), and Mis: Wozencroft (Coed Harbour), assisted by a number of willing helpers. There were numerous attractions such as aunt Sally, coker nut stands, shooting gallery, rings, and quoits, Mr. T. Dykes’ (Troedrhiwdoedwin) gramophone played splendid selections of music during the afternoon. There was a good attendance, the weather being all that could be desired. The proceeds were for the Church Organ Fund. Mr. Mayson (School House), Mr. Meanly (Troedrlaiwdoedwin), Rev: J. Evans, Mr. S. S. Davies, and Mr. Chas. Evans, Knighton, were the stewards of the sports of which the following are the results. Quarter mile race-1, Geo. Swettenham, Llandrindod Wells; 2, F. Cooper, Knighton. Slow bicycle race-1, G. Lloyd, Llangunllo. Obstacle race-1, Caleb Lloyd; 2, Charles Evans. Football match—J. Tong’s team v. S. S. Davies team and 2 boys’ teams played. Prize divided between J. Tong’s team and a boys’ team. 440 yards race-1, Alfred West, Llangunllo ; 2, George Lloyd, Llangunllo. 100 yards race—divided between C. Evans and C. Lloyd. 100 yards race for Boys-1, Aaron Wilding; 2, Harley Vaughan. 100 yards race for girls-1, Alice Evans; 2, M. Thomas. Egg and spoon race-1, Annie Vaughan; 2, H. Morris. Married