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New Year’s Eve Celebrations 2022

A great night was had by everyone at The Greyhound Inn who came to welcome in 2023. It’s been a few years since New Year was celebrated at The Greyhound Inn because of Covid. This year’s theme was ‘fancy dress’ so you could come as anyone you wanted or just turn up as you are. There was a vamp, ladies in the latest 1920’s fashion, a vicar, a devil, cat, ladybird, top hat and tails, nurse and even an inmate from Guantanomo Bay on day release! Who could forget the Swiss gentleman in the corner complete with full lederhosen, a couple of hippies and a Mexican. Someone even dressed as a Moroccan which was handy for the ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ song. The Greyhound was full, the music was great and the evening finished late with a few unplugged acoustic songs by Paul Hardware, the Landlord and Emrys Breeze singing a rendition of a beautiful song, ‘A Working Man.’
Happy 2023 everyone.

Trev Jones. Photos and Video: Debbie Jones.