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Llangunllo’s Unique Jubilee Beacon

We’re very grateful to Evan Jones, Crungoed (assisted by Jonathan Protheroe) for setting up and operating the unique jubilee beacon on the Whimble Tump, which shone out every evening of the Jubilee weekend from Thursday to Sunday. An amazing example of Radnorshire ingenuity, it consisted of a 40-foot telescopic pole topped by an adapted oil drum with transparent panels of red, white and blue. Lit by a powerful electric bulb and powered by the wiper motor of Evan’s tractor, the ‘crowned’ drum flashed out red, white and blue light as it rotated. Apparently, it cost just £11. Thanks very much, Evan.
Charles Kightly.

The Jubilee Beacon seen from Lugg View

Photographs and videos by: Charles Kightly, Rebecca Twyman, Sue Thornton, Debbie Jones and Ian