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Llangunllo Whist Drives

Llangunllo Whist Drive
Llangunllo Whist Drives

On Thursday, the 15th of September, Llangunllo Community Hall saw what we had been told would be the first Whist Drive to be held in the village for over twenty years. After all that time, there were some anxious thoughts aired when doubts crept in about getting enough people playing to make it worthwhile and the intention is to raise funds for the Community Village Hall renovations. Less than four tables would not cover our costs but, as it turned out, those doubts were demolished when nearly double that number arrived and enjoyed an entertaining evening. Particularly satisfactory was the fact that, amongst players coming from a wide area in and around Llangunllo, some were new to the game and had expressed their concern whether their inexperience would be accepted. However, if the laughter heard throughout the evening was anything to go by, it must have indicated complete satisfaction all round. Light refreshment was provided at half-time and finally, before we left, raffle prizes were given out. In that respect, too, we would like to give special thanks to those people who kindly brought more items to be added to the prizes won. We want to give thanks to Reg (from Llanbister) for doing the calling and we very much appreciate the help given by those who helped in the kitchen and in subsequent clearing-up.

It is intended that this will be a regular monthly event (see the programme listed) and we certainly look forward to seeing even more people here in future.

Maureen & Brian JOYCE