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Llangunllo Jubilee Celebrations

There was a fantastic turnout by the community of Llangunllo to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Despite the wet weather, the community made sure that they all enjoyed the afternoon. Master of Ceremonies, Mr Charles Kightly was resplendent in his attire including Sunday best top hat and silver top cane.

Everyone brought food and drinks to share which added to the feeling of a great community spirit. Red white and blue were in abundance as the attire of the day. At 3:00 pm, Charles Kightly made a toast to Her Majesty the Queen and also to Dorothy Jones whose birthday it was. Trevor Head played Happy Birthday on his trombone accompanied by the audience before playing the first verse of the national anthem with everybody singing along.

Llangunllo celebrates

Souvenir mugs were presented to the children of Llangunllo and Bledffa and there was a competition ‘hunt Winnie the corgi’ which was a small hand made corgi hidden in a secret place. Some of the community made their own crowns and they were all presented with a prize.

In the conservatory was a collection of very interesting old photographs of Llangunllo on display that was enjoyed by all. They have all been curated by Henry Morgan and very nicely displayed with help from his daughter, Elaine.

A DVD containing images and footage of Her Majesty’s life and reign was shown on screen as everyone enjoyed their lunch.

The most important visitor of the afternoon was Her Majesty herself as can be seen in the photographs and video. We think she enjoyed her visit as she didn’t say too much. Everyone in the community certainly enjoyed the celebrations of this historical Platinum Jubilee achievement. Hip hip hooray.