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Llangunllo Football Team 1919 – 1920

The Radnor November 2021

Llangunllo Football Club

Football is the most popular sport. By the 1880s there were football clubs locally in Beguildy, Bettws (presumably Bettws-Y-Crwyn), Knighton, Llangunllo and Presteigne. The sons of local gentry who attended soccer-playing schools had a significant role in the formation of the clubs.

Soccer at this time differed greatly from the game today – each team had its own version of the rules and the custom was for the game to be played in accordance with the rules of the home team. As goals had no nets and often a rope rather than a crossbar, there were many disputes about whether a goal had been scored.

By the early 20th Century, the modern game of football had been established and more local clubs appeared on the scene, including Radnor Valley. The photograph of Llangunllo Football Club 1919-1920 includes players from the village, surrounding farms, Gravel Arch and the neighbouring parish of Bleddfa.

With ‘Bridgewater’ living at the Hundred House Inn, no doubt fellow players and supporters enjoyed after match socialising there, as well as at The Greyhound Inn!

Over the years football clubs have had their ups and downs, many continue to play, others hang up their boots and sadly the playing days of the Llangunllo Team ended long ago.

Isabel Morris
Ref: “The Story of Knighton” Keith Parker
Photograph by kind permission of Henry Morgan

Llangunllo Football Club 1919-1920
Llangunllo Football Team 1919-1920
Back Row left to right: 1 Bridgewater(Bleddfa Pub) 2 Charles Viney (Railway Cottage) 3 Jack Lloyd(Shell Cottage)
Mid Row 1 Bill Watkins(Coedharbour) 2 Jack Morris(Malygoed) 3 Fred Poole(Cefnsuran)
Children: Stan Evans behind Bessie Jones & Dorothy Morris
Front Row 1 Pryce Lloyd(Whimble) 2 Ted Morgan(Great House School teacher) 3 Billy Picton (Larch Grove) 4 Alf Lewis(Ferndale) 5 Austin Hicks(No3 Terrace)

After searching through newspaper archives looking for any information about the Llangunllo Football Team, the only piece I could find was this article written in The Radnorshire Standard by a regular sports journalist under the pseudonym of The Tattler.

Radnorshire Standard Wednesday 04th October 1899

That again it breaks old associations, removing the playing pitch from the famous old Rook Meadow, which has been the nursery of nearly every member of our present team, and that it was also the ground upon which the Llandrindod Wells football team was planted, the first match, if my memory serves me right, being against Llangunllo, a Radnorshire combination of some renown in those days. That their caps were the most prominent part of them, having a wonderful tassel, like Flo’s golden hair, hinting down their back. TATTLER.