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Gold Coins Found In Llangunllo

Archaeologia Cambrensis (1846-1899) December 1858 Issue.

Archaeologia Cambrensis is a Welsh archaeological and historical scholarly journal published annually by the Cambrian Archaeological Association

In the year 1804, a considerable quantity of gold coins was found by Mr West, in the farm-fold of Noyadd-fach, in this parish, covered lightly by the earth. These coins were of the reign of Edward III. and struck in commemoration of a naval victory obtained over the French fleet, denoted by the figure of a man standing in a ship impressed on the reverse of the coin. A few of them were from the reign of Henry IV. There can be little doubt that these coins were secreted in consequence of the great alarm occasioned by the impetuous and desolating incursion made by Owen Glyndwr in the year 1402. The concealment of the coins was done in a hurry, as appears from the circumstance of their being slightly covered over with earth; and was never disclosed, because probably the owners met their deaths, either in the skirmishes that preceded the great battle of Pilleth or in the field of battle itself. However, the discovery serves to confirm the reality of Owen’s successful invasion. Many silver coins also of the reigns of Elizabeth, James I. and Charles I. were discovered in a piece of ground belonging to a farm called Malagoed, near Creignant, in the year 1814. This field is denominated the Camp.