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Compensation For Injury

The Western Mail: 9th August 1869

PRESTEIGNE. COMPENSATION FOR INJURY.—At the Radnorshire Assizes held at Presteigne on Friday, a special jury gave a young lady named Roberts of Llangunllo, a verdict against the London and North Western Railway Company, damage £350, for an injury sustained by falling from one of their carriages as she was getting out at the Llangunllo station and thereby injuring her knee. The driver had overshot the platform, and instead of backing to allow passengers to alight from a third-class carriage next the engine on to the platform, obliged her to descend a distance of 3 or 4 feet; and there being no light, and the station-master-the only person engaged at the station-being on the other side of the station, she fell and broke her knee. The learned judge (Baron Channell) pointed out during the course of the trial, that a passenger had a right to demand that a carriage should be backed under such circumstances, or refuse to descend, and at the risk of the company taken beyond her journey.